The hallmark of Ora V'Simcha's year round family retreats and events are its trademark hospitality, its engaging presentations, its gourmet food, and its top quality childcare program.

Throughout the calendar year Ora V'Simcha offers weekend and holiday retreats, Yom Iyuns, Yarchei Kallahs (5 day Torah study family get-aways) that attract inspired professional Jewish families that hail from diverse backgrounds who seek to strengthen their family dynamic in an environment that is relaxing, non judgmental and stimulating. Join us for an unforgettable weekend that is guaranteed to delight the entire family and that will cement the spiritual and emotional foundations of your home.

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The OVS Experience
Let there be light

Upcoming Events

SHAVUOS "Raising Emotionally and Spiritually Healthy Children in Our Day and Age"

Join us for an inspirational 2 days and 2 nights! Scholar in residence is renowned educator and speaker Rabbi Binyamin Ginzburg!

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