A Message From The Director

I am delighted to welcome you to Ora V'Simcha's website where you can explore an exciting array of weekend and week long family retreats all geared to re-igniting the soul & spirit of your families dynamics.

In addition to our personal challenges, life's pressures and responsibilities tend to wear all of us down both physically and spiritually.  Everything we cherish most - our marriages, our children, relationships with loved ones, and most of all, our relationship with our Creator - feels the corrosive impact of the daily demands imposed upon us in today's fast-paced world.

As stress takes its toll, we often wish we could retreat to a peaceful environment, where we old refresh and realign our mind, body and Neshama all at once.  In the programs relaxed and spirited workshops and learning groups, we are primed to address the challenges we face in our daily lives and are empowered to implement the "life-giving" solutions presented at each Seminar. Whether you enroll in a Parenting, Marriage, Young newlyweds or 'After The Return' Retreat you will experience the same exceptional warmth, attention to detail and superb programming that are the hallmark of every Ora V'Simcha program offering.

We have invested a great deal of time and effort to ensure that the concurrent professional childcare program also will guarantee you a well-earned break as you avail yourself of Ora V'Simcha's classes and workshops.

We welcome any suggestions you may have that could further enhance our future weekend and week-long programs so that we can all come together to hear, share, bond and strengthen our most cherished relationships.

Rabbi Naftali Reich

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