Ora V'Simcha offers a broad roster of program offerings geared to strengthening the Jewish family. A potpourri of workshops, day seminars and weekend retreats bring to life the necessary ‘tips and tools’ that  help strengthen and develop deeper and more meaningful spousal and parental  relationships while imbuing the home with Torah spirit.  Many of the classes and workshops provide "hands-on" suggestions, while others foster an appreciation of our life purpose and cultivate within us the ability to celebrate every living moment.  In selected retreats the various frustrations and challenges that Baal Teshuva families face as they realize deeper integrations in their respective communities are tackled and addressed "head on".

A unique aspect of the Ora V'Simcah experience is the bonding spirit and exceptional warmth that infuses each seminar with a special flavor.  Enrollment is limited to twenty five families to ensure that this unique aspect of the Seminar experience is not compromised.

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