"...Actually, whomever we spoke to told us that they were having a wonderful time, so B"H your efforts paid off. Continued hatzlacha with your work..."- Shaindy S
Monsey, NY

"...I just wanted to express how much we appreciated all the work and dedication you put into making such an event possible. It felt like medicine for the mind, body and soul. From the comfortable accommodations, delicious cuisine and sweetheart babysitters to the inspiring classes, meaningful seudas and all encompassing chizuk it made our YomTov so special. Not one detail was left unattended...."- Sara & Yitzchak W
Baltimore, MD

"...It was a great program and we had a very productive and meaningful time..."- M & C M,
Baltimore, MD

"The babysitters were amazing and really allowed me to learn without worrying about the kids"- D. P.
Queens, NY

"We arrived as bright eyed newlyweds totally unaware of what the Shabbaton was truly about... we left an enriched , inspired jewish couple ready to build a Bayis Neeman BYisroel"- Yoav and Esther F

"An unforgettable spiritual recharge"- Jared and Sara H

"This has been a transformational experience for my family"- Jenny and Mitch L.
New York

"There is nothing more uplifting than learning how to me mechanech our children more properly"- Mishpachas Feinerman

"The impact of this Shabbos and the tools gained from the lectures and workshops will greatly strengthen our family dynamics...Thanks."- The Dunn Family
Lawrence, NY

"Thank you for feeding my body and my soul"- Mariam S
New Haven, Ct

"This was a truly life altering weekend....Thank you"- Jay V.
Huntington, NY

"The superb meals and accommodations complemented a supremely rewarding program....we look forward to returning soon!"- R.P.
New York, NY

"The chizuk we got from the inspirational programs, together with the wonderful experience of staying in the lap of luxury, fuels us with great memories and will stay with us for many months."- Family Schechter
Brooklyn, NY

"We feel recharged and reconnected. Thank you for an incredible tune up."- The Hirschmans
Passaic, NJ

"I'm leaving this weekend a different person than  I came as (now I feel prepared to face Rosh Hashana and take on the challenges that lie ahead)"- G.P
Montreal, Canada

"Life changing experience"- The Engelbergs

"The physical beauty is only surpassed by the incredible feeling of warmth and spirituality"- M. and Y. K
New York, NY

"The program exceeded all our expectations (B'Ruchnius  UB'Gashmius)"-M. and Y. K
New York, NY

"I have obtained a clearer perspective on our job in this world as individuals and as parents"- Michael and Stacy
Spring Valley, NY

"We both have a bounce in our step ready to integrate everything we have gained"- Y and M
New York, NY

"This weekend was like being in the tent of Avraham and Sarah....spiritual nirvana.   It gave our entire family a renewal lease on life..."- M. and L. B.
New Jersey

"I believe we will be able to implement these invaluable tools because we were immersed over the weekend and felt so well taken care of and comfortable"- J. and J. D.
Baltimore, MD

"Spiritually revitalizing and physically relaxing...it could not have been better!"- The Hurwitz family
New Jersey

"What a wonderful thing to be able to hear such inspiring shiurim and get so much chizuk while our children are being so well tended to"- The Herzog family
Spring Valley, NY

"Thank you for a simply top-notch inspirational Shabbos experience"- Eric and Elisa F.
Baltimore, MD

"Thank you for a warm and solidly inspirational Shabbos"

"Wow!  This was a weekend out of a storybook"- Shlomo and Chana
Staten Island, NY

"We hope to take the ideas we learned about relationships with each other and our children and apply them consistently"- Debby L.
Edison, NJ

"So much fun for the kids and so much chizuk for the adults.  We're already looking forward to coming back"- Yitzy and Nechama H.
Lawrence, NY

"This was the most amazing Shabbos of my life..."- D. and E. F.
Baltimore, MD

"Thank you so much for a life changing shabbos. It was full of food thought and food for the soul"-The Fishfeld family

"It was a tremendous boost physically, emotionally and mentally to go somewhere beautiful and spend time focusing on our relationship and our relationship with Hashem.   We are forever grateful for the opportunity"

"This weekend, from start to finish was a precious gift.  The parenting workshops were very helpful and informative,  the food delicious and beautifully presented, and the conference center itself was luxurious beyond anything I could have imagined. I cant express my gratitude, bordering on incredulity."- S.W.
Stamford, CT

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