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We advocate on behalf of our students and help them to secure transfer credits that acknowledge the courses they have taken at Ohr Somayach. Ohr Somayach is a nationally accredited college of Judaic Studies accredited by AARTS and is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and United States Department of Education.

Ohr Somayach Monsey is an independently accredited American institution and should not be confused with other institutions bearing the Ohr Somayach name including its widely respected founding institution in Jerusalem.

While studying at Ohr Somayach Monsey, students are eligible to defer payments on all Stafford and U.S. government student loans.

Options for Obtaining College Credit:

1. Transfer Credits - Every college or university has different criteria for recognizing outside coursework. Ohr Somayach’s registrar works with students to submit syllabi that correspond with their university’s criteria.

2. First Talmudic Degree (FTD) - Full-time yeshiva students can earn the equivalent of an undergraduate degree by taking 120 approved credits over four years. The degree has been routinely accepted by graduate programs at Columbia, Hofstra, Rutgers, Temple and many other universities.

3. Farleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey (FDU) – Full time yeshiva students receive 72 credits towards a 120-credit undergraduate degree with a concentration in finance. The joint program can be completed in two years and involves some online coursework. Read more.


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Partial List of Universities that have accepter Ohr Somayach transfer credits:

Feedback from Students

"Ohr Somayach made the world of a difference to me. It was the stepping stool towards my religious life, towards getting married and building a family, and towards my continuous secular education at the University of Maryland Law School. I am eternally grateful to Ohr Somayach and hope that others can join the privileges I had."
- Sebastian Tron, Alumnus 2013

"Based on the First Talmudic Degree that I received from Ohr Somayach I was accepted to FIU and was registered immediately for the next semester."
- Ahron Scharman, Alumnus 2012


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