kolel eitz chayim

The Kollel Etz Chayim brings together an exceptional cadre of young Torah scholars for a three-year advanced program of Talmudic studies. These young men have all successfully graduated high-level programs in Yeshivos in the united States and Israel and wish to devote themselves for an additional three-year period of full time post graduate Talmudic studies. The young men and their families are afforded the opportunity to bond with students from different walks of life who grew up far removed from observant Jewish practice and tradition.

Each kollel member devotes a portion of his day to studying with students from Ohr Somayach Monsey's student body. This serves to develop their teaching skills when they prepare to enter the rabbinate or the field of Jewish education. upon graduation, many of these dedicated young men, together with their devoted wives, will assume leadership roles in Jewish communities nationwide. 

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