Marriage educational series


Part of the mandate of Ohr Somayach is preparing its students for the realities of life as a committed Jew. To this end, a series of lectures is hosted at the Yeshiva twice a year on the topic of relationships, dating, and marriage. They are designed to acquaint our students both with the shidduch process and the contours of married life, and to empower them with the tools and information that will be so vital to their future success.

The classes cover such areas as the role of a “shadchan”, protocols and techniques for a successful dating experience, the most frequently asked halachic questions about dating, and how to use the yeshiva experience as a prelude to a successful marriage.



A number of highly successful and experienced shadchanim service the Ohr Somayach Monsey student body. Additionally, the members of the teaching staff are accessible for guidance and consultation. They combine decades of experience in questions and issues relevant to this field.


Rabbi Braun

Rabbi Braun received his Rabbinical ordination at the Yeshivas Torah V'daas in Brooklyn NY. Having served as the Director of the Be'er HaGolah Institute of New York, he became the  Director of Ohr Somayach, Monsey in 1982, where he has guided and mentored many thousands of students and alumni through their most critical life decisions.

His exceptional  dating and marriage counsel skills have been finely tuned and honed during his 30 year tenure at Ohr Somayach. His much sought after counsel is a testimony to his sincere commitment and involvement with each individual’s and couples progress.

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