Students come to Ohr Somayach Monsey from many backgrounds to engage in serious Torah study be it for a day, several months or several years.The yeshiva is structured to engage everyone, from the curious college student to the seasoned scholar, in the study and love of Torah. We welcome students for any length of time and work to customize a program that suits their individual needs. Learn about our drop-in options.

Level: Morasha - Fundamentals

Goals: To introduce students to fundamentals of the Jewish faith, Talmudic logic and reasoning, Jewish texts and language skills. Also, to help the student develop a strengthened sense of identity and direction, as a person and as a Jew.

Curriculum: Eight daily classes are offered, covering Chumash and Talmud, the classical philosophical texts, Mishnah and Halacha (Jewish law), Hebrew language and wisdom for life.

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Level: Intermediate

Goals: Once a student has mastered the basics of Torah learning, and has a certain degree of proficiency in comprehending the Talmud, a larger portion of each day is dedicated to one-on-one chavrusa study. Students increase proficiency towards independent learning.

Curriculum: In the morning, students prepare for and attend an in-depth Talmud class, while the afternoon allows for a broader survey of a different area of the Talmud. Additional classes are available in Chumash and Halacha, Classic Philosophical and ethical texts.

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Level: Bais Medrash Program

Goals: To enable students to achieve self-sufficiency in their Torah studies. A student will become proficient in independent learning from primary sources, so that he will be able to maintain a life-long love and commitment to Torah study.

Curriculum: A significant part of the day is designated for one-on-one chavrusa study time to enable each individual to review and solidify his grasp and comprehension of the day’s material under the supervision of a mentor. Classes challenge the student by opening up new vistas in the commentaries, and honing their analytical skills.

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Ohr Somayach Monsey is an independently accredited American institution and should not be confused with other institutions bearing the Ohr Somayach name including its widely respected founding institution in Jerusalem.

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